Meet Dr. Rebecca Lafleur

In her words:

"Our smile immediately tells the world a lot about us. A healthy beautiful smile is a powerful way to improve life for the better. I strongly believe that good dental health not only makes you look and feel better but as studies continue to show, it can improve your overall health and extend your life. As your dental professional, my goal is to give you all the options available to give you the healthy beautiful smile you desire. 


Dr Lafleur has been in practice over 8 years, acquiring her dental degree at McGill University in 2006. She then furthered her education with a one year residency at the Montreal General Hospital focusing on the more comprehensive treatments in the various divisions of dentistry.  She is currently a part-time faculty clinical lecturer at McGill, imparting her talents and love of dentistry unto her undergraduate students.

Dr Lafleur fully enjoys every aspect of dentistry, from simple fillings to root canals to the more complex treatments such as implants.  Her number one goal is to provide the highest quality dental care available, with the latest products and techniques, in a warm and caring environment. She devotes more than the usual amount of time to each patient and procedure, to design and deliver treatments with a personal approach that are specially tailored to each patient’s individual needs and situation.

She also has the softest, most painless dental touch ever. No joke!

Dr Rébecca lives with her husband in Laval. She enjoys travelling, skiing, and swimming. She is also a board game enthusiast and enjoys reading.

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