Do you hide your smile because of spaces from missing teeth? It’s time to Smile Again!

Whether you are missing one or several teeth, implants are a great way to permanently replace them. They are an alternative to partial dentures or bridges.

Missing teeth can have quite an impact on appearance, chewing, speaking and overall heath. Implants can be a lasting solution that is strong, natural-looking and effective – restoring your ability to smile, speak and eat with comfort and confidence.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants replace missing teeth by mimicking nature and creating an artificial tooth that fits where your tooth used to be.

There are two parts to this solution:

  • The “base” that is anchored to your jawbone.
  • The artificial tooth (called a “crown”) that is bonded on this base.

Somewhat incorrectly, we often refer to both parts as a “dental implant”, but really, it is just the base. The top, visible part that looks like a real tooth is called a “crown”.

Together, they will closely replicate your original tooth. It will look, function and feel just like a natural tooth.

Implants preserve your appearance

When we lose a tooth, we inevitably lose bone mass in the area where that tooth was attached to the jaw. This happens because we are no longer applying chewing pressure to this area.

This bone loss can spread and affect the overall shape of the face, the health of the gums, and the muscles and nerves in the area.

The result is a sunken facial appearance which can make you look dramatically different or older. People who wear dentures for many years begin to experience this problem.

Only implants prevent this from happening. In fact, dental implants have been shown to prevent AND reverse bone loss that occurred in the past as a result of missing teeth.

Gain back your lifestyle

With implants you can:

  • Regain a youthful appearance, healthy gums and jaw.
  • Speak naturally without slurring or clicking dentures
  • Eat comfortably and easily – go ahead, bite that apple!
  • No more pain from ill-fitting dentures
  • No more nightly soaking, cleaning, adhesive and other tedious maintenance.

Implants can make you look younger,
improve your speech,
make chewing comfortable again,
improve your quality of life
and your self-confidence

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Keep Your Smile in Optimum Health!

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