Invisible, more convenient than metal braces and available right from your dentist.

An attractive alternative to conventional braces.

If you want a straighter smile, but don’t like the idea or the looks of conventional braces then Invisalign® may be for you.

Invisalign® is an alternative to metal braces. They are clear and virtually invisible and so they impact your appearance far less than metal braces.

They are comfortable and removable, which unlike conventional braces allows you to remove the aligners to take pictures, eat any foods you want, and easily clean them and your teeth. They also require less frequent appointments, which fit into your busy schedule.

How does it work?

A simple and easy treatment,   Invisalign® uses a series of clear aligners to gradually move and shift your teeth into place.  The aligners are made of a smooth comfortable plastic which snugly fits right over your teeth.  Custom made using 3-D imaging technology, you change your aligners every two weeks until your treatment is complete – the straighter beautiful smile you always wanted.

If the drawbacks of metal braces concern you, Invisalign® may be the perfect solution.
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Virtually invisible, comfortable and removable, Invisalign® can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing.
No metal, no wires, no fuss!