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Dre Marie Kambranis

August 2014, Vol. #2

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Back to School?

Kids Tips - for a Fun Healthy school year

and Beautiful Smiles

Yes, it’s that time again -  off to school once more with our little ones.  Move over summer – autumn is  almost here! We’re making our lists and we’re checking them twice. Early morning alarm clocks and school bells will soon start to ring; calendars will quickly fill with memos of appointments, events, and hectic rounds of sports. The days are filling with excitement as our children happily and anxiously long to see their long lost friends.

Try some of these fun back- to- school tips for a year of stunning  “kid healthy smiles”.

Fun back-to-school tips:

  1. During the last two weeks of summer, start re-introducing your children to their school year bedtimes and waking times.

  2. Shop for school supplies early. One stop shopping is usually easier.

  3. Go through your children’s closet to see what still fits and is good.  Make a list of the “holes” in their wardrobe. Shop once for these items to save you time, stress and money.

  4. Make sure your kids have a quiet, well stocked place to study and do homework.

  5. Plan and pack dental- friendly nutritious fun foods for your kids. Fruit, veggies, string cheese, yogurt, nut free trail mix and bottled water. Avoid sticky foods like fruit snacks and raisins as they can cause tooth decay.

  6. Make a dental care kit for school. Buy a new toothbrush. Kids love picking out their own toothbrush. Place floss, the new toothbrush and kids’ toothpaste in a zip lock bag. Encourage your kids to use them after lunch and snack time.

  7. Protect your child’s winning smile: With school sports and after school sporting leagues gearing up, a properly fitted custom made mouth guard will provide the highest level of protection and safety for your children’s teeth.

  8. Make sure your children brush at least twice a day [morning and night].Brushing before bedtime is especially crucial. Make brushing and flossing a fun time of their bedtime routine by doing it together. Be your child’s number one role model.

  9. Schedule your child’s bi-annual dental exam and cleaning. Encourage good dental exams like you encourage good grades.  Baby teeth play a vital role in a child’s development. A beautiful healthy smile can help your child’s social life during the formative school years when much of his personality and self-image are forming.

Start preparing now for the best year ever!

Send your kids to school smiling.


Here are a few lunch and snack ideas that are easy to put together, wholesome, affordable and that kids will actually eat!

Fun Bear Sandwich.

Use a bear head shaped cutter to cut out your bread. Make your child’s favourite sandwich: egg, ham and cheese etc. Cut round pieces of white cheese for the eyes with black olives as pupils. In one container place round pieces of yellow cheddar cheese and a cherry tomato.  For desert, delicious strawberry pieces.

Butterfly Snacks

This eye-catching snack is easy to make and a fun way to get your kids to eat a 1/2 cup of fruit

PLACE cheese in 1 side of resealable sandwich-size plastic bag; loosely tie pie cleaner or twist tie around middle of bag. Place fruit in other end of bag; seal bag, then twist pipe cleaner tightly to separate cheese from fruit..

CURL ends of pipe cleaner to resemble antennae of a butterfly.

REFRIGERATE until ready to serve. Untwist pipe cleaner, leaving bag sealed. Gently shake bag to mix fruit and cheese. Open bag and enjoy!

Fruit Kebobs

Delicious, fast and easy.
Cut up your favourite cheddar cheese, strawberries, grapes and pineapple.
Arrange and serve cold .

Sandwich Kabobs

The simplest and healthiest foods seem to look a little extra yummy when they’re prepared in a unique way

Kids will love this variation of their sandwich! Use their favourite cold cuts, cheddar cheese, lettuce, a cherry tomato and sandwich these between 2 pieces of whole wheat bread. In another compartment add baby carrots and celery sticks, pretzels and some grapes. Kids love jell-o. Why not make a small amount ahead of time and then refrigerate it in the lunchbox container overnight.  You’ll be sure to make your kids smile at lunch time.

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