Healthy Smiles for Life

Family and General Dentistry, Preventative and General Procedures.

We will help you keep your teeth in beautiful condition with these preventative and diagnostic treatments:

Brushing and Flossing

Good care starts at home with regular cleaning and flossing. Learn more about proper brushing and flossing technique.

Regular Check-ups

Home care is not enough. Learn why regular check-ups are necessary.


Have you ever wished you could avoid cavities and fillings?  You can! Find out about dental sealants.

We offer a complete choice of treatments to ensure healthy smiles for life: night guards, sports guards, gum treatments, deep cleanings and more.

At Centre Dentaire Laval-Ouest, we can help you keep your smile healthy and strong. Call us to get things started (450) 627- 2658.





Make a Great First Impression!

Learn about  our pain free treatments.  At Centre Dentaire Laval-Ouest we can help you with almost all your dental needs and help you  get the results you want when you look in the mirror .  Nothing says success like a healthy smile.