Replace Missing Teeth

Something to Smile About!

Your smile can be a valuable asset.

A healthy smile is related to social or occupational success because first impressions really do mean a lot.

Your smile can convey self-confidence – but only if you are comfortable showing it. Otherwise you might find yourself avoiding wide smiles and grins or even covering your mouth when you smile or laugh.

Aside from appearance, it’s also important to preserve function – the ability to chew properly, speak properly and to maintain the bone structure.

Losing a tooth can start a vicious cycle of destruction.

In a normal, healthy mouth teeth have a natural balance. Each tooth contacts the other tooth beside it and in the opposing arch to provide balance, support and stability. 

When a tooth is lost, this balance is quickly destroyed putting increased stress on the remaining teeth and thus causing teeth to drift out of line, leading to chewing and speaking problems.

Prevent the look of premature aging

Over time a missing tooth can lead to more serious facial structure and appearance problems such as a sunken face, which can make you look older.

This happens because once teeth are gone we start to lose bone mass where the tooth or teeth use to be.

This continual bone loss, which is magnified with each lost tooth, can spread and affect the shape of the face, health of our gums and teeth.  Implants and bridges can prevent this. Implants can even reverse bone loss.

What about back teeth?

Often many people who lose a back tooth are inclined to do nothing to replace it.  After all, the tooth never was visible.  Unfortunately, the aforementioned cycle of destruction will start even when missing a back tooth.

We have solutions for “closing the gaps!”

If a tooth is lost it is important to replace it as soon as possible.  This will prevent the teeth that are left from drifting out of line and causing further problems. 

Check them out below:

Dental Implants


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Stay Looking Forever Young!

Prevent the look of Premature Aging

Replacing a missing tooth as soon as possible is vital in order to prevent further problems such as a sunken facial appearance, speech and chewing problems.