Root Canal Therapy

Intense toothache pain – the worst pain ever?

If you’ve ever had a really bad toothache, you know how bad it can be. If not, then read on so you know what to do.

What’s causing it?

Many tooth problems involve infections that spread to the inner part of the tooth, called the “pulp”. It’s not hard tooth – it has tissue and nerves and blood vessels. When the infection reaches this area, it irritates the nerves and... Ouch! Toothache pain!

As it worsens, the pulp dies and the infection accumulates to cause an abscess at the root of the tooth…

Causing. Incredible. Massive. Pain. Can’t sleep - can’t work pain.

One solution is to remove the inner, now-infected pulp with a procedure known as root canal.

How can I tell if I may need a root canal?

You don’t always feel intense pain. Some of the warning signs that might require a root canal are: a persistent toothache, a stained tooth, painful sensations from cold or hot temperatures, swelling and pain.

Only your dentist can diagnose this. Call your dentist and share your concern if you have any of these warning signs.

Root Canal Therapy: an effective treatment for advanced infection

Before the root canal procedure was developed and gained acceptance, the only alternative for treating tooth infection was extraction. That is NOT recommended as it leads to more severe longer-term problems.

Root canal therapy is safe and fairly easy to perform.  You keep your tooth – we simply remove the diseased and infected pulp halting the spread of infection. Then, we fill the tooth with special material restoring the healthy portion of the tooth.

Root canal therapy has a very high rate of success.  The restored tooth can remain healthy as long as its roots are nourished by the surrounding tissues and if you take good care of it, it could last a lifetime.

Patients who undertake root canal therapy at our Laval dental practice experience little or no discomfort. In one or two trips we can keep their tooth healthy and smile exquisite.

If you are hit with sudden symptoms that indicate the need for a root canal, do NOT delay, as things can get worse quickly. Call us immediately at (450) 627-2658.

In pain? We’re here for you!

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