Why Us?

Friendly clinic. Warm people. Gentle care.

A personal note from Dr. Marie Kambranis, DDS

Founder and Owner, Centre Dentaire Laval-Ouest
At your service for over 25 years.

I occasionally go to medical clinics. Yes, dentists get sick, too.

Some are nice. But some are… let’s say “less nice”.

These clinics aren’t my favourites.  The environment is cold; the people are aloof and sometimes even unfriendly. I'm treated like a number on an orange plastic card. And I wonder which new doctor I am going to see this time. Even though the medical care is excellent, I leave hoping I don't have to come back anytime soon.

I promised myself that when I started my dental clinic, I'd never subject my patients to such an unpleasant experience. It's been my guiding principle behind my clinic's patient-focused approach.

We put the focus on you

Choosing the right dentist will ensure a positive experience and be given excellent quality care. It's what makes us different at Centre Dentaire Laval-Ouest and judging from my own patient feedback, it's why our patients have chosen us.

1. A Warm Environment

We're not a big clinic and we like it that way. There aren't 4 receptionists, 7 dentists and fifty assistants here. You don't see a different dentist at each visit. We're a warm, friendly, family dental clinic based in Laval-Ouest with four special, dedicated accomplished dentists and a dedicated support staff. Our greatest love is to be the dental health care professional for everyone in your family. We know you by name and we are happy to see you! And we tell you so each time you visit.

2. Friendly, Professional Staff

Our staff is highly-trained with many years of experience in cosmetic and general dental procedures.

Of course we are up-to-date and go to all the seminars to keep us current.

Seriously, do you want to know why my staff is guaranteed top-notch, expert, professionals? Do you want to know how I know? Because I hired them! And I am not easy to please. I am a demanding employer. I insist on outstanding care quality and compassion from all my employees. The right people make all the difference. We love what we do, so it's easy to be super-friendly and to show it. And we are gentle, compassionate care-givers.  From the moment you walk in, we are dedicated to make you feel both welcome and comfortable.

Our team can serve you in French, English, Polish, Russian and Greek.

3. Gentle Care

You can rest assured about two things at our Laval dental clinic.

First, we do the utmost to make your visit a pleasant one. We understand that for many people, a visit to the dentist can be stressful and can make them feel uncomfortable. So we try to make everything smooth and efficient from beginning to end. Ample parking, running on time, and doing the little things that soothe your time in the treatment room, like a massaging chair and soft music.

Second, you will be given professional care and recommendations that uphold the highest ethics of our profession. After 25 years and a stellar reputation, I have no intention of changing it now. My promise to you is that we practice good and honest dentistry.

Third, Above and Beyond Infection Control™. Our team members rigorously respect and exceed the recommended guidelines for sterilisation and disinfection as set by the Organisation for Safety and Asepis Procedures (OSAP) and the Ordre des Dentistes du Québec (ODQ).


For all these good reasons, our patients and their families trust us with their dental care. Why not join them? Call us at (450) 627-2658 to set up an appointment with one of our fabulous professionals.

Want to know more? Learn how our patient-focused approach looks out for your well being.

 I look forward to seeing you in my clinic!


Dr. Marie

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Why Our Patients Choose Us

  • You are welcomed by name, in a friendly manner.
  • You get the exact care you need, because we listen to your needs.
  • You are cared for during and after your procedure -- we will do everything we can to ensure your comfort and call you at home to make sure you are doing well.